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Featured Article
  Apocalypse shares his experience with Renegade single player. He got to play through a few missions while attenting a fansite event at Westwood.
» Read The Impressions

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New Patch Out
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 07/03/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
Patch released, not on auto-download as of this news but you can get it here. Has several bug fixes, some for the beacon placing got this of one of Delphi's posts as i'm on wrong pc to download n play Renegade.
fixed the superweapon->quit exploit
mods now support editing of armor.ini, strings.tdb
mods now load scripts.dll from PKG file
buildings can be made of tiles in addition to terrain
added the "edit_vehicle" console command for physics tweaking.

Cliff Hicks Interview
[ Category: Interview ] - [ @ 06/28/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Renegade Realm ]
Renegade Realm have had an interview with Cliff "Devinoch" Hicks.
1) Why was the Reckon Bike taken out of C&C Mode?

Devinoch: The team never got to the point with being comfortable of how it handled. It never *felt* like a bike. It wasn't responding how a bike would handle. And since the bike wasn't essential for balance, it was removed and the game was balanced around it.

Why they asked that over-asked and well answered question I don't know :)But check out the rest of the superb interview here.

New Renegade Mod Tools
[ Category: Mod ] - [ @ 06/28/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
Westwood have released a new verison of their modding tools, for well, all you map makers n modders, so download it now. It weighs in at a resonable 25 megs. Click here to download it.

Virus Warning
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/25/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
Chris (Delphi) Ruybor sent me an e-mail warning of someone sending out virus pertending to be from him, be wary people. And only trust from his secure account.

Some News
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/25/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Several ]
Rob from CNC Series asked me to add some news, so a few of them below are from CNC Series. Cheers to Havocide for some news too.

Renegade Skinners
The latest addition to our network of hosted sites, Renegade Skinners provides the latest skinning news, downloads, skins and tutorials. This site should become one of the most popular skinning resources in the community. Want to give your copy of Renegade a facelift? Then check it out!

Eagle Red Review
In this review, Jim gets down to the nitty gritty with the latest incarnation of this fantastic mod for Yuri's Revenge. He was very impressed. Want to expand the lifespan of your copy of YR? Read the review and download the mod.

2D - 3D: Will Generals Retain Playability?
In this article, Jim discusses a matter of great signifance - will Generals be able to cope with the shift to 3D? I hope so for one!

AircraftKiller's new map
Aircraft has developed his first Team Deathmatch map and it's set inside the single player construction yard. The surprising thing is the size of the file... it's 66.9KB zipped! It'll take a few seconds for anyone even 56Kers!
You can download it here from Havocide.

RenSkirmish Released
Dante of the Official Renegade Forums has released a new utility over at his site where you can edit the variables for the Renegade Skirmish mode. You can switch up the maps, etc.

Main GUI
Load Up a Mod
The File Menu
Options for skirmish mode

You can download it over at his site, here.

Frank Klepacki Interview
Renegade Realm has conducted an interview with Westwood music man Frank Klepacki. Here's two of the questions they asked him.

Q: What inspired you for the music in Renegade?

The original Command & Conquer music I wrote. Because Renegade took place in the original setting of C&C, I purposely derived familiar popular tunes from the original sound track and recomposed them, added new parts to them, gave them a more modern edge, and a feel that best represented a first person shooter. It was a lot of fun to go back and revisit the old days, but it was even more fun to compose some brand new scores to add to the list, like Havoc’s theme "Got a Present for Ya", a full on "Command & Conquer" theme song, and "Move it."

Q: Are you upset that you were not able to do the voice of Havoc? Did you do another voice?

Well, it would have been cool to do the voice, heck I could have nailed the new version of the voice too. But, I don't get to make a voice cameo in that game this time... They used all pro actors for the game.

Head here for the rest.

Press Release: PC Game Central Aquires Neuro Gamer Network
[ Category: Press Release ] - [ @ 06/20/02 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: http://www.pcgcentral.com ]


PC Game Central announces the acquisition of Neuro Gamer and all of it’s related websites.

Buffalo, NY (6/21/2002) PC Game Central announced today the acquisition of Neuro Gamer (www.neurogamer.net) along with the Neuro Gamer Network and all related sites and servers. Neuro Gamer, known for providing daily console coverage to its large reader base, also maintained sub sites such as Westwood Infiltration (www.westwoodi.net) and a hosted a network of other gaming related websites.

"We are very happy to be adding Neuro Gamer and it’s sites to our company.", says founder and CEO of PC Game Central, Jonathan J. Smith. "Neuro Gamer and its network/hosted sites are all quality websites, and can only add to the popularity and the quality of PC Game Central as a company. We have many big plans for Neuro Gamer and it’s sites which you will be hearing more about shortly."

Adam Michaels, President of Neuro Gamer is also very pleased with this deal. "I think this acquisition will be beneficial for both Neuro Gamer and PC Game Central in the long run. I am happy to be moving on and hope to have some place within PC Game Central in the future."

PC Game Central will continue to support all of Neuro Gamer’s hosted sites, and will announce its plans for Neuro Gamer and the Neuro Gamer Network shortly. Stay tuned to PC Game Central at www.pcgcentral.com for more information in the coming weeks regarding this announcement.

Renegade Realm
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 04/29/02 ] - [ By: periclytes ]
Got this from CNCDEN:

Periclytes has the website Renegade Realm. It's currently offline due to some mishap with his website files. He has posted a message on the Official Renegade Forums. Sort of a poll he's taking to see if any of the fans want him to bring back Renegade Realm. He'd have to start from scratch as far as making the site, and he's kinda wandering if its worth the effort.

So head right here to read what he has posted, and leave a comment please.

Renegade Servers Down
[ Category: Renegade News ] - [ @ 04/24/02 ] - [ By: periclytes ]
Got this from Devinoch, as well as I see he's put it on the official site:

Hey everyone, we're having some technical issues right now and the Renegade servers are currently down while we attempt to fix the issue. We don't have an estimate of how long they'll be down or when they'll be back up, but we'll let you know.


Map Maker Guide
[ Category: Tutorials ] - [ @ 04/20/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: EQC ]
EQC has finished his tutorials of making a simple map with the new map tools that were released. They help in setting up a basic map and adding the finishing touches, looks good with pictures and helpful hints.

Head here to see the Make a map in GMAX guide.
Head here to see the Finish a map in GMAX guide.

Interview With David Yee
[ Category: Interview ] - [ @ 04/16/02 ] - [ By: finalduke ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
CnC Renegade has a interview about air units with the lead designer of Renegade the great David Yee. Here is a small sample:

Why were controlable air units not in the game when it was first released?

David: When you are building a game, you need to know what is going to be part of the experience. Based on our estimates, flying vehicles would have taken about six months to implement, and there are usually hidden costs associated with every feature. Based on our development cycle, the team did not feel that we could spend that amount of time on an unknown element. The focus of our game is very much on the ground vehicles and the first-person perspective of the player, and so we chose to cut flying vehicles from the initial release.

NeuroGamer Re-Launched!
[ Category: Network ] - [ @ 04/03/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: NG ]
Or sister site Neuro Gamer has re-launched with a sexy new layout and tons of content! Check out the awesome new layout, and visit the growing forums here!

IGN Guide
[ Category: Renegade ] - [ @ 04/02/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: IGN ]
IGN has posted its multiplayer guide for Renegade, here's a snippet.

"All players carry a block of timed C4 with a 30 second "fuse." So it's fire and forget on these babies. If you're low on health plant your C4 if you can; it's sticky, so you can plant it on an enemy player or against enemy armor or harvesters. Even if it detonates after you've died, you still get the kill."

Click here to read the rest.

Renegade Tactics!
[ Category: Renegade ] - [ @ 03/30/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
Over at the official Renegade website they have posted a series of tactics for Renegade multiplayer, here's a snip.

"The Guarded Nuke Beacon
When you put down a Nuke Beacon, you know some GDI Engineer's going to come disarm it, so give it a little protection. Carry your newly bought Nuke Beacon to the enemy base in a Stealth Tank and after you deploy the beacon, hop back into your stealth tank over the beacon. When the engineer comes to disarm it, run him over. Repeat as long as necessary."

Check out the official website for more.

Community News
[ Category: Community News ] - [ @ 03/25/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ]
Here's the latest from the Westwood community!

C&C: Generals

Generals Bunker has a new war story called "Hacking Storm".

CNC Sector has a article on Generals.


CNCU has a new skin of a chick in a bikini. =)

PlanetCnC has posted up its report on the Renegade launch party in San Jose.

Statik Vision is holding a contest, you have to design the best Renegade character skin.

Red Alert 2

RADEN has two new Yuri maps.

Enjoy. =)

New Skins
[ Category: Skins ] - [ @ 03/19/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Renegade Forums ]
StickMan9000 has updated has the skins he has to download, with two more complete sets of Nod vehicles skins.

Adding onto the success of his Desert skin, he has released the Green and Urban camoflauge skins. Head over here for pics and a download link to these super skins on the Renegade Forums.

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