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Quick Community Update
[ Category: Community News ] - [ @ 07/21/02 ] - [ By: finalduke ] - [ Source: Westwoodi ]
Yes I'm back after a long vacation aka college with a quick community Update!

Earth & Beyond

Westwood coming closer to finishing E&B Westwood has a few things going on such as a Pilots Log Contest, also they are having a public test in Las Vegas, Click Here For More Info. On top of that they have also released the finished movie they started last week which you can see Here.


Westwood has prepared a Psychic Test to find out if you have the ability.

That is all for now but if things go right we should have some interesting things coming up at WI.


Quick Vote 4 Generals
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 07/09/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
From Delphi:

There is a new PC Game Poll over at http://firingsquad.gamers.com/ on the lower right hand side asking "What PC game are you most looking forward to?". We need all hands to cast their vote for C&C Generals.

Good luck and God speed!

Chris Rubyor (Delphi)
Online Community Manager
Command & Conquer
Electronic Arts/Westwood Studios

Well you heard him click the link!

CNC Series Back Online
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 07/05/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Rob CNC Series ]
CNC Series is back up after some downtime updating the site and server. They are now faster at loading pages, and you will find downloads go much faster.

New Patch Out
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 07/03/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
Patch released, not on auto-download as of this news but you can get it here. Has several bug fixes, some for the beacon placing got this of one of Delphi's posts as i'm on wrong pc to download n play Renegade.
fixed the superweapon->quit exploit
mods now support editing of armor.ini, strings.tdb
mods now load scripts.dll from PKG file
buildings can be made of tiles in addition to terrain
added the "edit_vehicle" console command for physics tweaking.

New Reneagde Mod Tools
[ Category: Mod ] - [ @ 06/28/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
Westwood have released a new verison of their modding tools, for well, all you map makers n modders, so download it now. It weighs in at a resonable 25 megs. Click here to download it.

Virus Warning
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/25/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
Chris (Delphi) Ruybor sent me an e-mail warning of someone sending out virus pertending to be from him, be wary people. And only trust from his secure account.

Press Release: PC Game Central Aquires Neuro Gamer Network
[ Category: Press Release ] - [ @ 06/20/02 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: http://www.pcgcentral.com ]


PC Game Central announces the acquisition of Neuro Gamer and all of it’s related websites.

Buffalo, NY (6/21/2002) PC Game Central announced today the acquisition of Neuro Gamer (www.neurogamer.net) along with the Neuro Gamer Network and all related sites and servers. Neuro Gamer, known for providing daily console coverage to its large reader base, also maintained sub sites such as Westwood Infiltration (www.westwoodi.net) and a hosted a network of other gaming related websites.

"We are very happy to be adding Neuro Gamer and it’s sites to our company.", says founder and CEO of PC Game Central, Jonathan J. Smith. "Neuro Gamer and its network/hosted sites are all quality websites, and can only add to the popularity and the quality of PC Game Central as a company. We have many big plans for Neuro Gamer and it’s sites which you will be hearing more about shortly."

Adam Michaels, President of Neuro Gamer is also very pleased with this deal. "I think this acquisition will be beneficial for both Neuro Gamer and PC Game Central in the long run. I am happy to be moving on and hope to have some place within PC Game Central in the future."

PC Game Central will continue to support all of Neuro Gamer’s hosted sites, and will announce its plans for Neuro Gamer and the Neuro Gamer Network shortly. Stay tuned to PC Game Central at www.pcgcentral.com for more information in the coming weeks regarding this announcement.

Generals LIVE
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/18/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
Delphi gave me the official word. C&C: Generals offical site is now up and running, and not looking to bad, lots of flash stuff, and some music. Head HERE now to check it and make it your homepage.

CNCSeries news
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/18/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: CNC Series ]
Rob from CNCSeries left me an e-mail to post up some important news and articles their site has been making, after finally managing to get in here, I thought it important to post it, even though the e-mail is nearly a week old.

#1 - Realism in C&C |
F1reburn discusses the role of realism in the Command & Conquer series - and how Generals should see an increase in the use of realism.

#2 - Through The Scope |
Jeremy, in this article, takes a look at the role of the sniper and sniping in the Command & Conquer series.

#3 - Behind The Scenes With Wraith |
In this, the fourth installment of our Behind The Scenes series, we interview resident war story maestro, Wraith. See what he looks like, does and more.

#4 - Unified Modding |
Jim discusses the Renegade to Red Alert II mods that are currently appearing, and how important it is that the modders unite in order to produce a decent mod.

We'll be releasing a few more articles and other items, including a few surprises, over the next week or two. So make sure you keep checking back.

In other site news, our hosted site Eradication Wars (The Red Alert II and Yuri's Revenge Mod) is now back online - you can access it, complete with its modding tutorials and utilities, here:

[ Category: poll ] - [ @ 06/04/02 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
Alert! Alert! Game Spot is currently hosting a poll asking "which strategy game are you most excited about." Well, you and millions of other C&C fans know the answer to that. Click Here to cast your vote.

[ Category: News ] - [ @ 05/03/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Various ]
News been a bit sparse recently, which I apoligise (sue me I can't spell) for, been busy lately. So here is a load of some:


A new community site has opened called "CNC Tomorrow" opened. It has information on all of the Command & Conquer games. Make sure you check out CNC Tomorrow sometime.


Aircraftkiller (ACK) has released his new map Country Meadow, which is now available for download from the good people at Havocide. If you want to play online you can do so now! Havocide have set up a dedicated server that will be running all night witht he map. Here's the information for that.

Host: havohome
Name: Havocide.com -> Aircraftkiller's Map
It will also be up all day Sunday (5/5 starting @ 1pm EST)


CNCSeries.com has written up a patch prognosis article.
A whole new generation of tactics and strategies have been spawned from this patch: while the Orca does give a nice and deadly touch, it is the addition of the Transport helicopter that makes the difference. A flight of these, loaded with engineers and landing in the middle of your base can present a severe pain to the virtual genitals. This also leads to a whole new dimension of teamwork; something that is minimal in many of the ladder based games.
Read the rest here.

[ Category: Jukebox ] - [ @ 04/29/02 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: Westwood Infiltration ]
For the second and hopefully last time the Westwood Infiltration Jukebox is back online. I would like to thank ImustDIE for his help in getting everything working again. I would also like to thank everyone who emailed me concerned about the jukebox. So check it out here.

Renegade Servers Down
[ Category: Renegade News ] - [ @ 04/24/02 ] - [ By: periclytes ]
Got this from Devinoch, as well as I see he's put it on the official site:

Hey everyone, we're having some technical issues right now and the Renegade servers are currently down while we attempt to fix the issue. We don't have an estimate of how long they'll be down or when they'll be back up, but we'll let you know.


Map Maker Guide
[ Category: Tutorials ] - [ @ 04/20/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: EQC ]
EQC has finished his tutorials of making a simple map with the new map tools that were released. They help in setting up a basic map and adding the finishing touches, looks good with pictures and helpful hints.

Head here to see the Make a map in GMAX guide.
Head here to see the Finish a map in GMAX guide.

Renegade Tools Are Out!!
[ Category: Tools ] - [ @ 04/18/02 ] - [ By: finalduke ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
THe Tools for Renegade are out.
To start with, if you haven't already, grab Discreet's gmax tool Here.

Got that? Now it's time to get our tools, which includes both our pack for gmax and our own editor, as well as documentation on them. Remember, as with all beta development tools, they are not 100% stable. You may, from time to time, experience crashes or lock ups, as development tools are notoriously temperamental. Just remember to save early and often and enjoy!

You can get Westwoods tools, after you've gotten the gmax tool (as our tools won't work without it), get it Here.

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