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Generals Ranked 4th
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/22/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: UGO ]
UGO has placed CNC:Generals, in at the #4 of their "strategy games headed our way this year" list. They said this about Generals:
Command n Conquer: Generals
It's fair to say that Westwood pretty much started the whole RTS phenomenon with Dune 2, and now they're looking to tackle another big hurdle in the genre's development: The creation of a truly great fully 3D real-time strategy game. As if that weren't enough of a challenge, the designers of Generals have decided to make things harder on themselves by pretty much ditching the GDI/Nod continuity that has defines Command and Conquer and basing this game in a near-future real world scenario. Will gamers have a hard time accepting these simultaneous twists to their beloved franchise? If what we've seen of Generals so far is any indication, we'd say it should be a piece of cake.
Head here for some more.

Generals LIVE!
[ Category: News ] - [ @ 06/18/02 ] - [ By: Gange ] - [ Source: Delphi ]
Delphi gave me the official word. C&C: Generals offical site is now up and running, and not looking to bad, lots of flash stuff, and some music. Head HERE now to check it and make it your homepage.

Interview With Harvard Bonin
[ Category: Interview ] - [ @ 04/16/02 ] - [ By: finalduke ] - [ Source: Westwood ]
CnC Bunker has a great interview with the C&C Generals producer Harvard Bonin. (Which includes info about mod support!)

Are you looking into supporting mods after Generals is released by creating tools for the future mod makers?

Harvard - "At this time we're not quite ready to talk about our exact plans. Fans should know, however, that mod support is very, very important to us and we'll take many steps to encourage player mods. We do plan to ship Generals with a very powerful and intuitive world editor . We've also got some other great stuff on the table that we're not ready to talk about. Generals will be the most fully mod supported C&C RTS and maybe even in the genre overall. It's that critical to us."

New Preview!
[ Category: C&C: Generals ] - [ @ 04/02/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: Planet CnC ]
Planet CnC has posted a preview of C&C: Generals, nothing new really. But they also had a interview with Harvard Bonin producer of C&C: Generals, heres a snip.

Question: How did the idea for C&C Generals come to be? And why is it called C&C?

Answer: Generals is simply the game that wanted to be made. In Red Alert 2 we fooled around with some quirky technology and had fun doing it. You may have noticed the tone of the game was a little quirky too...even campy. With Generals we wanted to edge toward a more serious "Hollywood Warfare" tone but without the heavy themes that can accompany some of them. We were always thinking of doing a game that allowed the player to operate the latest toys in the military's skunk works. We all hear about the impressive weapons that are being used nowadays and it seemed to us that it would be a blast to play with them. Beyond that, there are a lot of secret black ops projects behind the scenes and its fun for us to speculate on near future tech that we'll see on CNN someday.

The Command & Conquer brand name encompasses two of the most popular RTS series on the market, Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn/Sun. Generals will compliment the C&C name well with intense action, strategy, and visuals. C&C means more than just the Tiberian series...it's really an approach to the whole RTS genre. Our players (and us) like a certain flavor of RTS and that flavor is Command & Conquer.

Question: How do you hope Generals will affect the gaming industry or the current RTS genre?

Answer: Our key goal is to make Generals the undisputed #1 RTS out there. We're the guys with the ammo and the plan...just watch.

Read the rest here!

New Wallpaper!
[ Category: Wallpaper ] - [ @ 04/01/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: WestwoodI ]
Ive finished my first wallpaper for C&C: Generals today, and here it is!

I'm pretty new at making wallpapers so id like to hear any feedback from everyone, if its good or bad it doesnt matter. Just e-mail me at shockops@westwoodi.net with your comment. We will be adding more wallpapers to our wallpapers section in the near future. =)

Box Art Fake!
[ Category: C&C: Generals ] - [ @ 03/31/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ]
WI and most other sites recently reported of a possible box art for C&C: Generals, this appears to have been proven fake now. If you look at this image and compare it to the fake box art, you will notice they are the same. Looks like the community has been tricked. :( Just some good image editing, and there you have it. I think the community and fellow webbies had a good reminder out of all this, "dont believe everything you hear or see.".

Console Version?
[ Category: Generals ] - [ @ 03/30/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: CNC Generals ]
Over at CNC Generals they asked Delphi if Generals will be released for any consoles, here's what he had to say.

Question: It has been said that Command & Conquer: Generals will be going to the XBox, but will it go to the other consoles?
Answer: No plans for a port at this time.

I personally dont support RTS's going to consoels, so this is good news to me. :D

Box Art!
[ Category: Generals ] - [ @ 03/29/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: CNC Series ]
CNC Series recieved a e'mail from a annonymous source which they say is connected to EA Pacific and gave Rob one image of several that they are working on.

Looks pretty good, Rob reports that they say that EA Pacific is working on several different versions.

Generals Content Online
[ Category: Website ] - [ @ 03/29/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: WestwoodI ]
The Generals content is completly finished, and now you can come to Westwood Infiltration for all your C&C: Generals news and content, and a few exclusives every now and then. We will constantly update the content pages as information about the game becomes available. And of course we will bring you the latest news, as well as community news.

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  Generals Ranked 4th
  Generals LIVE!
  Interview With Harvard Bonin
  New Preview!
  New Wallpaper!