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Featured Article
We were lucky enough to spend some time and sit down with Devinoch for an interview. Inside he tells about the future of Emperor and Renegade.

» Read The Interview

Press Release: PC Game Central Aquires Neuro Gamer Network
[ Category: Press Release ] - [ @ 06/20/02 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: http://www.pcgcentral.com ]


PC Game Central announces the acquisition of Neuro Gamer and all of it’s related websites.

Buffalo, NY (6/21/2002) PC Game Central announced today the acquisition of Neuro Gamer (www.neurogamer.net) along with the Neuro Gamer Network and all related sites and servers. Neuro Gamer, known for providing daily console coverage to its large reader base, also maintained sub sites such as Westwood Infiltration (www.westwoodi.net) and a hosted a network of other gaming related websites.

"We are very happy to be adding Neuro Gamer and it’s sites to our company.", says founder and CEO of PC Game Central, Jonathan J. Smith. "Neuro Gamer and its network/hosted sites are all quality websites, and can only add to the popularity and the quality of PC Game Central as a company. We have many big plans for Neuro Gamer and it’s sites which you will be hearing more about shortly."

Adam Michaels, President of Neuro Gamer is also very pleased with this deal. "I think this acquisition will be beneficial for both Neuro Gamer and PC Game Central in the long run. I am happy to be moving on and hope to have some place within PC Game Central in the future."

PC Game Central will continue to support all of Neuro Gamer’s hosted sites, and will announce its plans for Neuro Gamer and the Neuro Gamer Network shortly. Stay tuned to PC Game Central at www.pcgcentral.com for more information in the coming weeks regarding this announcement.

Renegade Servers Down
[ Category: Renegade News ] - [ @ 04/24/02 ] - [ By: periclytes ]
Got this from Devinoch, as well as I see he's put it on the official site:

Hey everyone, we're having some technical issues right now and the Renegade servers are currently down while we attempt to fix the issue. We don't have an estimate of how long they'll be down or when they'll be back up, but we'll let you know.


NeuroGamer Re-Launched!
[ Category: Network ] - [ @ 04/03/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: NG ]
Or sister site Neuro Gamer has re-launched with a sexy new layout and tons of content! Check out the awesome new layout, and visit the growing forums here!

Community News
[ Category: Community News ] - [ @ 03/25/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ]
Here's the latest from the Westwood community!

C&C: Generals

Generals Bunker has a new war story called "Hacking Storm".

CNC Sector has a article on Generals.


CNCU has a new skin of a chick in a bikini. =)

PlanetCnC has posted up its report on the Renegade launch party in San Jose.

Statik Vision is holding a contest, you have to design the best Renegade character skin.

Red Alert 2

RADEN has two new Yuri maps.

Enjoy. =)

C&C: Generals!
[ Category: C&C: General ] - [ @ 03/08/02 ] - [ By: ShockOps ] - [ Source: GameSpot ]
GameSpot Has released its preview for C&C: Generals, the next RTS from Westwood! This preview/announcment will officially comfirm C&C: General. This is a logn preview, and I do mean long! It goes into details about the concept stages, and the development so far. There are a few screenshots, and let me tell you the game looks sweet! Check the whole preview out HERE!

New map pack available!
[ Category: Map Pack ] - [ @ 12/26/01 ] - [ By: ShockOps ]
WestWood has posted up a new map pack for Emperor! If you cant find anyone online to play, or just bored of the same maps. Go download this map pack!

Patch 1.09 on FTP Server
[ Category: Official ] - [ @ 10/30/01 ] - [ By: Fryem ]
Westwood has made the 1.09 patch for Emperor: Battle for Dune available on their FTP servers for those who cannot connect to Westwood Online to recieve the patch. It includes fixes that allow for maps created with the map editor tool to function properly.

Download the (English) patch now! For other versions of the patch, visit the Download or Support sections of Westwood's Site.

Emperor map editor released
[ Category: Map Editor ] - [ @ 10/13/01 ] - [ By: orbberius ] - [ Source: Emperor Official Site ]
The Emperor map editor is out. Download it now!

New patch!
[ Category: Patches ] - [ @ 10/07/01 ] - [ By: orbberius ] - [ Source: Official Emperor Site ]
A new patch has been released and Devinoch has also said that an Emperor Map Editor will be released for free within a week! Woohoo! Get the patch by using the Auto-Update program, or by logging into Westwood Online through Emperor.

New Map Pack
[ Category: Maps and Community ] - [ @ 09/29/01 ] - [ By: TheVoice ] - [ Source: Official Site ]
Today Westwood released its New Map Pack for Emperor.

Westwood has also announced its newest fansite of the week. Congratulations to Emperor Network for receiving this weeks award.

Some news from Westwood
[ Category: Westwood News ] - [ @ 09/20/01 ] - [ By: orbberius ] - [ Source: Official Emperor Site ]
First off, Westwood has chosen a new fansite of the week, FED2k. Congratulations to them!

Also, there's a new review of Emperor out, by WomenGamers. They gave it a 8.3/10 overall.

New Maps From Westwood
[ Category: Maps ] - [ @ 09/16/01 ] - [ By: orbberius ] - [ Source: Official Emperor Site ]
Westwood has released a new map pack! To get the new map pack to work, you have to first have the previous map pack, so be sure to download them both:

New map pack
First map pack

Devinoch posts
[ Category: Westwood ] - [ @ 09/14/01 ] - [ By: orbberius ] - [ Source: Official Emperor Site ]
Devinoch posts on the official Emperor site, asking all to try out Westwood's Sneaky Tactics Contest. He also encourages all to play some multiplayer games of Emperor, so have a go at both!

Terrorist Attacks on U.S.
[ Category: Unrelated ] - [ @ 09/11/01 ] - [ By: ImustDIE ]
Terrorists have attacked several key buildings in the U.S. Maniac has play by play going on at RAX, get over there for a more detailed report.

Fryem's Input:
"Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended...

I ask the American people to join me in saying a thanks for all the folks who have been fighting hard to rescue our fellow citizens and to join me in saying a prayer for the victims and their families.

The resolve of our great nation is being tested. But make no mistake: We will show the world that we will pass this test. God bless."
~ George Bush (Full Statements)

"In one of the most audacious attacks ever against the United States, terrorists hijacked two airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center in a coordinated series of blows Tuesday that brought down the twin 110-story towers. A plane also slammed into the Pentagon, bringing the seat of government itself under attack."
~ Excite

"Four U.S. passenger planes were apparently hijacked and crashed - two jets flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a plane struck the Pentagon and a plane crashed near Pittsburgh. The death toll is unknown."
~ ABC News

"In an apparently coordinated terrorist attack against the United States, four commercial passenger jets crashed on Tuesday, three of them into significant landmarks."

Reports: ABC News, CNN, Excite, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News

Emperor Strategies
[ Category: Exclusive ] - [ @ 09/10/01 ] - [ By: Bomber ]
Hey everyone, it's bomber, your friendly content person.... Emperor Battle For Dune Strategies will probably be up in the next few days. These strategies are exclusively for this site and have all been done by me. Tune In the next couple of days to see them!

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