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A. General
  • A.1.Policy
    All information listed below must be strictly adhered to. Any violation of the below information will cause action to be taken against the violating party in the form of: deletion of any Westwood Infiltration usernames, emails, or privileges given by Westwood Infiltration; a complaint filed to the proper authorities stating the violations; and in extreme cases legal action will be taken against the violating individual or company.

  • A.2. Westwood Infiltration Rights
    Westwood Infiltration reserves the right to change any policy or agreement at any time. When changes are made to a policy or agreement, Westwood Infiltration will notify any parties in which the new information is applicable. Westwood Infiltration reserves the right to deny anyone access to our servers, website, message board, or chat room for any reason. Westwood Infiltration is not responsible for the opinions of it's writers or newsposters.

B. Content
  • B.1. Rights to Content
    All images, text, transcripts, media, graphics, html, cgi, php, or anything else viewed as content by Westwood Infiltration is property of Westwood Infiltration and/or third party companies. To be able to use any of the Content found at Westwood Infiltration or any of its affiliate sites you must: A. State that the content is owned or was taken from Westwood Infiltration or B. Have permission from the President or Webmaster.

  • B.2. Illegal Content
    All illegal content will be banned from Westwood Infiltration and its networked sites. Illegal content can come in the form of illegal downloads or warez, pornographic material, or slanderous text or images. If any person is found uploading, inputting, or posting any illegal material he/she maybe liable for damages and action will be taken (A.1).

C. Privacy
  • C.1 User Privacy
    Westwood Infiltration protects all privacy of information for all its members and users. Westwood Infiltration will only use information collected from our users for Westwood Infiltration. Westwood Infiltration will not sell, send, market, share, or distribute any information collected from our users to any company or persons. No spamming or bulk mailing will be sent to any of our users at any time.