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About WI

Westwood Infiltration is the next generation of fansite. We are the next step in the ever-growing community of Westwood gamers. A major leap forward from anything founded before us, Westwood Infiltration is truly a remarkable feat of design, writing, and ultimately hard work. We will strive to always please the needs of the fan: be it for news, content, or just interaction with other gamers. This is the perfect mixture of the past, present, and future.

Founded in March of 2001, through countless hours, days, weeks, and even months of very hard work Westwood Infiltration was finally launched in September of 2001. Having an immensely diverse staff, the constant struggle for organization is present in the countless pages of content and news. The time put into the quality of our pages is visible at every corner of Westwood Infiltration.

Most importantly, we sincerely enjoy presenting you with the most current, exclusive, and fun content, news, articles, interviews and anything else having to do with the current and not-so-current games created by Westwood Studios. We would like to thank you, our visitors, and also Westwood Studios for creating so many wonderful games, bits of excellent entertainment. We truly hope you will enjoy visiting Westwood Infiltration as much as we do constantly improving it.