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Wizard's Spells


When fighting an opponent know to flee from the battlefield in order to maintain his safety, it is often wise to take precautions. By casting Anchor, it is impossible for your enemy to teleport away from the battlefield while the spell is active. This is a good way to stifle your enemy's tactics and give you the advantage.


Dire situations call for a quick escape. Whenever a Wizard finds himself surrounded with no way out, he's not left with very many options. Although this teleport spell is highly random and can send you into some tight spots, it runs a far greater chance of saving your character from certain death.


When your enemy's blood is boiling, a good counter offence is to send him to a fiery death. This spell burns a selected area or creature with fierce wave of heat and fire for some serious damage. Burn is an excellent spell to use when faced against Zombies that can only be disposed of by turning their bodies into nothing more than vapor.


When your life depends on those around you, the best thing you can do is making sure they're safe. Use this spell to greatly heal your allies when they are in need of health. It may be hard to get used to healing others instead of yourself, but once you realize that the longer you have your allies the better off you are, you'll take the right steps in protecting them.


A good way to absorb damage is to dispel any threat before it has a chance of harming you. And Counterspell is made specifically for that purpose. When there is a particularly nasty spell coming your way, it's often a wise move to eradicate it before it can inflict any pain to its designated target. Counterspell has the ability to vanquish any spells within a close proximity to you and it defiantly comes in handy when your health is low or when a powerful spell is closing in on you.


One of the most hated multiplayer spells, the Death Ray should never be taken lightly. The name says it all. When cast a ray is sent forth, anyone that happens to be unlucky enough to get caught in the way, will simply die. It is very hard to survive a blast from the Death Ray, and those who have were gravely injured and killed off quickly. Surly, this is one of the more powerful spells in the game.


We all know traps are meant to stop you from getting somewhere and that they are often hidden. But every so often you come across a blindly obvious trap. In these cases it's best to get rid of them long before you have to worry about setting it off. Detonate Seen Traps does just the job. At a distance, you can set off the traps in front of you, making them useless. This spell is often over looked, but a great tool in the Wizard's spell book.


Zombies, skeletons, and worse. It gets pretty bad down in the dungeons. While you're looking for a nice warm teddy bear to cozy up to, you'll probably end up finding something more… dead. Let's face it; those re-animated beings can become a real drag. So whenever you stumble into the bad side of town, be sure to carry the Dispel Undead spell around for good measure. It immediately sends the nearest creature of the night back to the netherworld.


So you've gotten on bad terms with the Grand Master Wizard? I bet he has a lot of mana stored up, doesn't he? Well if you do find yourself in this position again, remember to at least bring Drain Mana with you. It's a great spell to stop mana users from tapping into their expansive pool of power. When it is cast, it takes off quite a bit of your opponent's mana, subduing their potential attacks dramatically.


What's the best way to stop an army of charging wolves (or any army for that matter)? Cause the earth around them the tremble with power. With Earthquake, you can do just that, causing any enemy within the area of the quake to suffer from heavy damage. A great spell to use when the odds are against you.


A wizard's pride is in his ability to form magic from thin air. A prime example of this skill is to create powerful energy. Energy Bolt is the product of such concentration on the Wizard's behalf. The bolt of energy cause moderate damage to any enemy that is unlucky enough to be around the spell caster.


A wizard is defiantly not physically as imposing as the other two classes, by far. So his brute strength will do very little to intimidate an enemy. Magic, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Using Fear causes your enemies to instantly become fearful of your power, and they will even flee from the battlefield in your wake.


Fireball acts like two spells in one at times. First of all, you have a ball of energy that strikes deep into the heart of any monster, causing heavy damage. As an added aftershock, the fireball explodes on contact and anything within the direct vicinity of the blast will be damaged and possibly burnt as well. A great spell for taking out zombies, as only fire can destroy them.


As you know by now, the Wizard is no body builder. Years of practicing magic have made his body frail and he has little protection from physical attacks. To counter this, Wizards have devised a spell that creates a magical Force Field around their bodies that absorb most of the blow a Wizard might receive in combat. Force Field is a good spell to use against bosses and some of the bigger monsters in the game.


Trickery and deceit are powerful tools. But often times, confusion aids in their effect. By Using Fumble, your enemy will drop all armor and weapons, costing his valuable battle time trying to reclaim them. Take advantage of the brief interruption and strike your struggling foe. This spell works best in multiplayer.


A lot of the enemies in Nox are very fast, sometimes too fast. A good way to give you a boost is to use Haste. This increases not only your running speed, but it also charges your attack rate. So in the end, your character ends up running faster and fighting harder. Definitely, a plus when used in multiplayer and boss fights.


What a better way to get revenge than to give your opponent a taste of his own medicine? With Inversion you can do just that, it sends any threatening spell back to it's caster and deals the damage on them.


Don't feel like fighting? No problem. Use Invisibility to cloak yourself. Enemies will not see or notice your presence unless you directly attack them. Invisibility is one of those spells that work best in multiplayer because there are monster that might still detect you while you have Invisibility on. Bosses can see you no matter what, and stronger monsters can as well. In multiplayer however, you will be able to freely wander around.


When the going gets tough, cast Invulnerability. This spell makes it impossible for you to take damage. While this sounds very good, there are a couple of catches. First of all, it only lasts for a few seconds before the spell's effect fades away. Secondly, you cannot attack the enemy while Invulnerability is in effect. If you decide to attack, the spell will simply vanish.


Like greater heal except it doesn't replenish your health as much. However, it uses less mana to cast. It is good to use when you're slightly injured and need all the health you can gather for an upcoming battle.


Are the dungeons too dark for you likes of you? Perhaps you need to shed a little light one the situation before you decide to run head long into the darkness. What a better way of brightening up the room with a magic spell. With Light, your mouse cursor turned into a portable pathfinder, lighting up any area it passes over. This is perfect to single out would be ambushers and spot them before they can inflict any damage onto your character. One of the great things about Light is that it costs relatively little mana and will last longer than most spells of this sort.


Everyone loves a good shock once in a while, unless you are being shocked by a wizard's Lightning spell. When Lightning is cast, a powerful stream of electricity scorches the air as it travels to its target, causing massive damage upon impact. If somehow the enemy survives, they will suffer the after effects of the blistering spell, namely becoming shocked.


If you need a few moments to gather yourself, and you are being chased from rooms to room consider casting Lock. By doing so, the nearest gate or door will lock itself for a few seconds, giving you precious time to get ready for whatever you might have in mind. But be careful not to lock yourself into a room full of enemies.


So you've played around with the teleport spell. It has saved your life a few times, but once in a while it has sent you in the middle of an Ogre army. At this point, it would be better for a fledgling Wizard to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary confrontation. When using Mark Location, you lay down a marker that will be used as a guide for any teleporting you might do in the future. So instead of randomly teleporting around the dungeon, you can land in a safe area you have designated for your own safety. (4 maximum).


If you don't feel like taking the time to aim for your opponent, consider the Missiles of Magic spell. When cast, three powerful beams are unleashed. They will then soon begin to scour around the area for any threats and attack them without your command. A good spell to use when attacked from multiple directions or when you have better things to do than aiming, like running away from a Golem.


This spell acts very much like Light, except it is much more powerful and efficient. Use this spell to light your way along the deep and dark caves of Nox in order to ensure your safety.


Notice: This spell is only useful in multiplayer. If you're in the middle of a heated death match and your character can't take the heat for much longer, feel free to take a few enemies down with you. When Obliteration is cast, your character automatically dies due to the immense power of the spell, but it also creates a huge shock wave that will annihilate anyone around you. This is also a good way of buying your team a few precious seconds in a Capture the Flag or Noxball game.


When this spell is cast, it shrouds your character in a protective shell that will absorb most of the damage dealt by any sort of poison attacks. This spell is most useful when fighting a boss that you know relies on poison attacks as their primary means of destruction.


When this spell is cast, it shrouds your character in a protective shell that will absorb most of the damage dealt by any sort of lightning attacks. This spell is most useful when fighting a boss that you know relies on lightning attacks as their primary means of destruction.


If there is an object just out of your reach, and you can't think of a way to obtain it, give Pull a try. With it, anything fairly close to you will be pulled magically towards your directions, using your body as a center of gravity for a brief lapse in time. Beware though, as you just might pull an enemy if you're not careful.


If you are every feeling boxed-in or claustrophobic, use the Push spell to give yourself some extra breathing room. When Push is cast, everything near you gets pushed away slightly. By doing so, you may be opening a path for yourself, or even trying to keep yourself alive in the face of advancing monsters.


A good way to fight off an enemy wizard is to make sure you're safe being worrying about hurting the enemy. Reflective Shield is one such spell that will make battles with rival wizards a little easier for you. When cast, any spells that are directed towards you shall be bounced away upon impact. A great spell to ensure your safety, but watch out because the shield won't last forever.


When you find yourself encircled by relentless hordes of enemies, turn the heat on. When Ring of Fire is cast, a huge blast of hot vapors and gasses will expand outwards from your position, scorching anything near you to a crisp.


Although you may not believe in "live to fight for another day", there is nothing wrong with making your enemy an unwitting suspect to that theory. When you cast Run on an enemy, it will immediately flee from the battle, giving you time to compose and focus your energy for the next attack.


Sure lightning has the ability to shock your opponent, but then again, shock is only an affect effect of the intended spell. If you want to use a spell solely to shock an enemy, look no further than Shock. Upon a physical attack, you enemy will instantaneously become shocked and disoriented, giving you an added advantage.


There are a lot of creatures in the game that will have no problem beating you to the chase. Put a little stump in their step by casting Slow on them. It will cause your enemy to dramatically slow his rate of running, attacking and casting. Obviously this is another good spell to add to chances of winning a battle against some of the more powerful foes in the game.


Sometimes you have to become a little clever to solve some of the puzzles you'll have to deal with while playing Nox. One of these situations might have a locked out room with a sole enemy guarding a valuable item. In such a case, cast Swap Location on the enemy and the both of you will switch positions through teleportation. But make sure you can teleport back if the room has no way out.


Having trouble finding a certain enemy? Or does one keep on running away out of reach, just to ambush you later down the road? If you see an enemy that you know you'll be chasing, it is sometimes best to tag that opponent. If done correctly, you should be able to see your enemy's position on the mini-map, thus eliminating the need to guess where it might have run off.


If you want to block a path, or make one, feel free to try your hand a Telekinesis. By casting it, you will enable yourself to move a selected target. Although this is a useful spell in a few situations, a Wizard will rarely find a great use for it. Therefore, this is one of those spells that will be locked away deep inside your spell book, hardly ever used.


After you have used Mark Location, you can teleport back to that area anytime you wish by using the Teleport spell. This spell is extremely useful when you're caught in a frantic battle and you've planned a safe escape in case the situation becomes hazardous to your character. (4 maximum).


With all these teleport spells, how does Teleport to Target fit into the equation? Well, first select an area on the screen you would like to travel to with the cursor. Then cast Teleport to Target and you will instantly be cast in that area. This is good for puzzle solving and accessing those hard to reach areas.


If you are aware of upcoming traps, perhaps it would be a good idea to dispose of them before you hurt yourself. By casting Trigger Trap, the closest trap to your position will be set off, thus making it safe for you to cross after it has been taken care of. This is a great spell to use during Capture the Flag games, where Conjurers are notorious for booby-trapping entire battle fields.


One of the Wizard's most unique abilities is to set up walls that cannot be breached. When Wall is cast, a protective barrier is cast in the area. When in effect, a wall can block of a room, or even lead your enemies into ambushes if used correctly. This spell is heavily used in Multiplayer to block of entrances to flag room in Capture the Flag and can add a lot to your defenses if used wisely.