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Conjurer's Spells


Dire situations call for a quick escape. Whenever a Conjurer finds himself surrounded with no way out, he's not left with very many options. Although this teleport spell is highly random and can send you into some tight spots, it runs a far greater chance of saving your character from certain death.


When your enemy's blood is boiling, a good counter offence is to send him to a fiery death. This spell burns a selected area or creature with fierce wave of heat and fire for some serious damage. Burn is an excellent spell to use when faced against Zombies that can only be disposed of by turning their bodies into nothing more than vapor.


A Conjurer's most potent and unique skill is the ability to charm and enemy creature and use it to protect and aid you on your journey to recover the Staff of Oblivion. In order to do this you must first possess knowledge of the beast, thus requiring you to have read the beast scroll for that particular monster before you can use the Charm spell on it. Once you have converted the monsters, you can banish it with a swift mouse click or order it to escort you as you make your way around the dungeon. You can also unless the beast by selecting Hunt mode and the monster freely roams around looking for enemies to fight. There is nothing more intimidating than having a Conjurer chasing after you with two giant scorpions.


A good way to absorb damage is to dispel any threat before it has a chance of harming you. And Counterspell is made specifically for that purpose. When there is a particularly nasty spell coming your way, it's often a wise move to eradicate it before it can inflict any pain to its designated target. Counterspell has the ability to vanquish any spells within a close proximity to you and it defiantly comes in handy when your health is low or when a powerful spell is closing in on you.


After you've received initial damage from an enemy, it's not uncommon to suffer the effects from their blows. Being poisoned is one of the most common dangers in Nox due to the wide variety of monsters that carry venom with each attack. Potions are usually the best items to use under such situations but when you find yourself in short supply, you'll be comforted to know that your spell book has a dandy little spell to do the same job.


Pretty fireworks are not the purpose of this devastating spell. When you feel the need to truly demolish your opponent it's always a good idea to call forth the gods and deliver the final blow. Fist of Vengeance is one of the most awe inspiring and powerful sights to behold. A stone fist falls out from the heavens and smashes into the ground with tremendous force. Not only does it look powerful but also deals a high amount of damage for anything unlucky enough to get caught underneath the colossus hand.


Chimes are normally a pleasant sound, alert and welcoming. But if you ever hear a chime in Nox, you'll be hard pressed to find it a welcomed sign. Due to the Conjurer's relationship with nature, he has the ability to call forth a massive ball of energy containing the power of Mother Nature herself. Opponents get a quick warning in the form of chimes, and then the green orb flies out, bounces off of objects and causes massive amounts of damage. Anything near the orbs path can also have harm inflicted even though they have managed to avoid the orb. Only a Conjurer is able to call forth this tremendous energy but even he fears the massive power he has unleashed.


When your foes have made you meager and weak, it's often a good idea to use your mana to give you some aide. Greater Heal is much more proficient than Lesser Heal but costs more mana as a result, so it's often a good idea to chose one of the two spells depending on your mana source as well as the condition your character is in.


The naked eye of a Conjurer is a powerful and skillful tool but occasionally one has to cross an enemy much more cunning. For the opponents that can't be seen without help, Conjurers are equipped with the Infravision spell than allows them to see any hidden dangers. No longer will you have to be killed by a monster appearing out of nowhere.


What a better way to get revenge than to give your opponent a taste of his own medicine? With Inversion you can do just that, it sends any threatening spell back to it's caster and deals the damage on them.


Like greater heal except it doesn't replenish your health as much. However, it uses less mana to cast. It is good to use when you're slightly injured and need all the health you can gather for an upcoming battle.


Are the dungeons too dark for you likes of you? Perhaps you need to shed a little light one the situation before you decide to run head long into the darkness. What a better way of brightening up the room with a magic spell. With Light, your mouse cursor turned into a portable pathfinder, lighting up any area it passes over. This is perfect to single out would be ambushers and spot them before they can inflict any damage onto your character. One of the great things about Light is that it costs relatively little mana and will last longer than most spells of this sort.


Have the zombies been giving you a hard time and you're trapped with nowhere to go? Well then Meteor is just the ticket for you. When cast, your character calls forth the god of air to deliver a devastating blow from the heavens. This ball of rock and fire will damage anything within the point of contact and ever burn your enemies to a crisp. This is one of the most useful spells in the game to get you out of a hard situation.


This spell acts very much like Light, except it is much more powerful and efficient. Use this spell to light your way along the deep and dark caves of Nox in order to ensure your safety.


Used both for defense and offence, Pixie Swarm is a handy little spell. When called forth, pixies start to circle around your character, but once they spot a possible enemy, they will launch themselves at it as if they were living missiles. Many players make sure to always have this protective force with them wherever they go in the land of Nox.


Are you the kind of player that enjoys watching you victims suffer a slow, painful death? Well if you are, Poison is just the spell for you. When this spell is cast, it does little initial damage, but every few seconds the poison takes away more of the enemy's health. Unless they have a potion, their health will eventually drop to nothing at all.


When this spell is cast, it shrouds your character in a protective shell that will absorb most of the damage dealt by any sort of fire attacks. This spell is most useful when fighting a boss that you know relies on flame attacks as their primary means of destruction.


When this spell is cast, it shrouds your character in a protective shell that will absorb most of the damage dealt by any sort of poison attacks. This spell is most useful when fighting a boss that you know relies on poison attacks as their primary means of destruction.


When this spell is cast, it shrouds your character in a protective shell that will absorb most of the damage dealt by any sort of lightning attacks. This spell is most useful when fighting a boss that you know relies on lightning attacks as their primary means of destruction.


Are the vampires and spiders constantly chasing you down? Use this spell to add a little weight into their speedy steps. Although this spell doesn't last very long, it is very efficient in giving you an opening to attack some of the more agile monsters in the game.


Here is a fun one to use. When you find yourself out numbered by dungeon crawling scum, use Stun to turn the tables on them. Whoever you cast the spell on with become disoriented with their surroundings and may do a number of different things. They may run away from battle, or perhaps they'll start walking around aimlessly in circles, even better, they may even start attacking some of the enemies for you. Although this may not be the most predictable spell in the game, it's certainly fun to experiment with.


Having trouble finding a certain enemy? Or does one keep on running away out of reach, just to ambush you later down the road? If you see an enemy that you know you'll be chasing, it is sometimes best to tag that opponent. If done correctly, you should be able to see your enemy's position on the mini-map, thus eliminating the need to guess where it might have run off to.


So you've figured out that poison can be very effective when used correctly. But you keep running into one problem, there are simply too many monsters coming after you most of the time. Well Toxic Cloud should fix your problem. It acts exactly like poison except that it leaves a big could behind, if any enemy walks near the cloud, they will instantly be poisoned. This is the ideal poison spell to use when spread epidemics through the enemy ranks.


Has the game been treating you unfairly? Well its time to get even. When your health is low, fell free to use Vampirism. Once its cast, every time you hit an enemy, you receive the same amount of health that the beast may lose. It's a win-win situation, not only do you injure the enemy, but you also regain some of your lost health.