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    In Nox, there are three unique character classes to choose from. Each one plays much differently from one another and all have their own strengths and weaknesses. As you begin your quest to return home and save the land of Nox, you much decide on a path to take. Whether you be a Warrior, Conjurer or Wizard is entirely up to you, but it's always best to experiment with all three and become proficient as each one and then master the one you feel most comfortable using. Remember, the better you know your enemy; the better off you'll be in a heated death match.



    The Warriors of Dun-Mir are proud and powerful fighters, able to master any melee weapon and use it to the fullest potential. They are surprisingly quick on their feet, agile and stunning in all situations. Dun-Mir lies on the edges of a molten hotspot that has forced its people to adapt a hard lifestyle in order to survive. No one lives in Dun-Mir on their own if they do not belong to the fittest and strongest people's in all of Nox.
    Warriors are physically the strongest class in the game. They have no magic abilities but possess mighty skills that can be used in battle, these skills require cunning and keen of mind. Proper use of these skills can give the already powerful warrior and even great advantage over his adversary.
    Capable of equipping the most protective armor and wielding the most brutal hand-to-hand weapons, the Warrior is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Quite the contrary, they should be feared, for they have few equals that can obtain the same level of strength and skill that Warriors, so naturally, utilize.



    The Conjurers of Ix are always at one with nature. They are in tune with their surroundings and always aware of the situation and the possibilities that arise from it. Nothing proves their connection to the earth they walk on more than their unique forms of magic. Not only can they cast a fair share of spells, they also use their magic as a way of reaching out to nature. Conjurers have the ability to charm any creature they come in contact with, immediately gaining that animal’s aid. What the conjurer uses their newly attained beast to is up to the mind of the player.
    The Conjurer acts as a middleman in both strength and magical ability. They are not able to wield much of the Warrior’s arsenal and items but offer much more protection than a Wizard is likely to see. Conjurers’ origins of the forestland, Ix, have made them experts in archery. A Conjurer can expect to use a Bow more than once along his journey and arrows can be enhanced with magic do cause more damage. As for protection, Conjurers are restricted to leather garment as their greatest means for armor, allowing them to move nimbly through the tress and grass.
    All Conjurers are trained in basic spell-craft and have a sizable inventory of spells to choose from. The main draw of the Conjurer, however, is the ability to tame and summon beasts to do it’s bidding. Before you can go around in the wild charming creatures, you must first be well educated about the beast you are trying to subjugate. Reading a certain creature’s Beast Scroll does this handsomely.



    In the Castle of Galava, there is a massive tower in which the mysterious Wizards reside. They are wise and have the ability to control a power so great that it is beyond most people's grasp. Wizards are truly the fathers of Magic and keepers of a great force. Locking themselves up in libraries for years at a time in order to gain new spells and understanding of the world around them has given the Wizards of Galava tremendous knowledge and metal control. To be a great spell-flinger, one must first be in touch with the powers of the human mind and learn to focus great power from seemingly thin air.
    When one commits his life to one goal, everything else gets pushed away. Because of this, Wizards can only use staffs as weapons and robes for protection. Years of using their bodies as conductors of Magic has left bone rough and flesh atrophied. Wizards, for all of their power, are physically frail and weak. They cannot endure the beatings that a Warrior might shrug off and must be careful at all times.
    The damage inflicted on a Wizards body has not come without a benefit. Wizards hold a wide variety of devastating spells that can quickly dispose of any opponent. A wizards seems to have a spell ready for every possible occasion and their wisdom is fully demonstrated through their ingenious use of traps. They may be weak of flesh, but Wizards are the strongest of mind.