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    For centuries it has been rumored that gods have visited our earthly plane. But the ultimate answers can only be found in the story of the Guardians of Destiny. Most theologians believe that the immortals create the humans for the sole purpose of entertainment. Our world served as a resort for the gods to rest from being powerful and always in charge. During the passage of time a universal agree that no god would interfere with the mortals was reached, essentially keep the reach of the immortals from the fishbowl we know as the world. During the eons and eons of time the toy lost its novelty and the gods became bored with their pet. As the Evil Ancient God finally broke the sacred pact of non-interference the struggle between ultimate evil and divine good would begin…ultimately causing the struggle between mortal and immortal!



    You are Copper LeGré, you've spent your 16 years among the commoners but you are far from common. You are the secret son of Eric LeGré, brother of King Richard. Your mixtures of common and royal blood make the future uncertain. Ravenous, supernatural beasts attack in the night, killing Eric and his sons, your half-brothers. You wake to find your family dead, yourself gravely injured, and your soul stolen. A spell cast by a powerful friend keeps you alive, but it cannot last very long. As the spell grows ever weaker, you must race to solve the mystery of the strange, savage beasts pillaging your homeland. Your new position as heir to the throne complicates matters, and you'll often finds more deadly opponents at home in Gladstone than in the strange nether worlds beyond. As Copper, you are an unlikely hero, given the daunting twin tasks of saving your soul and saving your kingdom.