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Lands of Lore II Characters

 Main Characters
  • Luther
  • Dawn
  • Bacatta
  • Belial
  • The Draracle
 Supporting Characters
  • Kenneth
  • Daniel
  • Kit'yara
  • Brother Julian
  • Melik
  • AkSalar
 Minor Characters
  • Ra'shar
  • Rix
  • Mau`ri
  • Anyar
  • Prollel
  • KaDan
  • Jagen
  • Kara


      You are Luther, a 5'11" tall 26 year-old with long hair and a very stylish goatee beard. Luther is the son of Scotia, the sorceress of the Dark Army who has destroyed the first Lands of Lore. You are a peace-loving fellow who just wants to live a normal life, but your heritage and odd circumstances place you in the middle of your personal struggle. You must flee Gladstone and search for the magic that can release you physically and spiritually from the shadow of your dark genealogy. You have a potential evil side, and if the player of LoL desires, your evil personality can slash and kill everybody and attempt to take over the world for your own evil purposes. You are afflicted with a shape-shifting curse, and you must destroy the dark God Belial to cure yourself. A long and exciting adventure awaits you as the struggle between good and evil continues.


      Dawn is a young, attractive female. She is 5'3" tall and 32 years of age. Dawn is the leading mystic and magic user in the kingdom of Gladstone, and exhibits the confidence of a mature prodigy. She seeks the means to prevent the resurrection of Belial. She learns at the Chay Ar monastery that Luther is the primary catalyst for Belial's rebirth, and will pursue or assist Luther depending on his attitude. Educated and intelligent, she often speaks sarcastically, but is also capable of being compassionately soft or explosive when angry.


      Bacatta is a four-armed Thomgog, 32 years old, 6'6" tall, with yellow-brown scaly skin. Surprisingly, he is very well educated and speaks with an aristocratic British accent. He is Dawn's bodyguard. Accompanying Dawn on her search in the Southlands, Bacatta will either pursue or assist Luther depending on Luther's attitude.


      Belial is an evil Ancient God. He appears not only as himself, but also in three additional less complete versions. Belial, in an effort to add sport to his jaded existence, looked down and selected the Dracoid race as those mortals who would be favored with his attention. The horned Ancient dispensed fabulous new weapons and bits of Ancient magic on the Dracoids, who in turn began to wreak havoc on their neighbors.
    As the favored Dracoid race began to lay waste to the other nearby civilizations, certain Gods requested that Belial desist, and stop his interference among the mortals, which drew nothing more than a contemptuous chuckle from Belial, and his visits and gifts to the Dracoids did nothing but increase. Fuming that their official censure had been so rudely ignored, the Council of Ancients determined to take whatever steps necessary to end Belial's mortal interference forever. Thus, the Draracle was chosen to carry out Belial's execution.
    Knowing that his execution was imminent and unavoidable, Belial developed a plan that would allow him to be resurrected after his death. In his chambers beneath the magnificent City of Ancients he created a huge magical Mother Beast. During the game play, Belial is attempting to be reborn through his creation, the Hive mother. Belial is not encountered in his pure form until the end of the game, but aspects of his personality can be found in the Hive Lords. Belial is pure evil and must be stopped at any cost.


      The Draracle was the god chosen to eradicate Belial. After Belial's execution, the Draracle left the Southern Continent and took up residence near the human kingdom of Gladstone to continue his vigil, and spent his time dispensing cryptic agricultural advice and weather predictions to the local farmers. He lives in peace with the humans continuing to uphold his pact of non-interference.


      Kenneth is a disgraced Gladstone guard who makes it his personal quest to destroy you. He, for some obscure reason, hates Luther. A human, he is 5'11" tall, 300 lbs., and has a scruffy appearance. Kenneth is slow, but persistent, and appears early and often throughout the story. He is first seen in the introduction when knocked unconscious during your escape from the Gladstone dungeons.


      Daniel is 26 years old, 6' 1" tall, quite athletic, and a social revolutionary. He is a Huline who has chosen to renounce the comfortable new Huline lifestyle and now lives with the more spiritual Wild Ones. Although Daniel has joined this group, which rejects all the sophistication of the more domestic and sociable Huline culture, his mother and other relatives continue to live in the Huline settlement. He is first encountered when you enter the Savage jungle. You must defeat him in ritual combat to be accepted as a member of the Wild One tribes.


      Kit'yara is a female Huline and the owner of the weapon shop in the Huline village. She is reluctant, the mother of Daniel, the Wild One warrior. You must deal with her before being allowed across the Bane Bridge into the Savage jungle.


      Brother Julian is a 60 year-old male Huline Monk and scholar at the Chay Ar Monastery who can translate the runes found in the Executioner's den. These runes contain the first fragment of the prophecy of Belial and will probably help you on your journey.


      A shaman, the wise old priest and spiritual leader of the Wild One tribes, Melik will be encountered in the Wild One settlement. He and the others of his kind will be the first source of real information that you will receive. He is gentle but firm with much precious knowledge.


      The last of the male Dracoid Emperors, AkSalar is the only being who can summon forth the statue of Belial in the Dracoid ruins. He is one of the most evil mortals on this world.


      Ra`shar is a male Huline and the owner of the Huline village magic shop. He might be willing to provide you with certain equipment, for the right price, of course.


      Rix is a human explorer who was almost killed while attempting to plunder the Chay Ar Monastery. Rix knows of the haunting taking place in the dark halls of the monastery. You will encounter him in the monastery, recovering from his wounds. He might have some precious information for you.


      Mau`ri is a friendly 35 year-old street-smart weasel and thief. He is proprietor of the Huline village thief's den. Although he is less robust than other Hulines, Mau`ri might be able to help you.


      Male Chief of the Huline village, this pompous leader will frustrate you at every turn. He will thwart all of your actions.


      An herbalist in the Wild One settlement, Prollel has the recipes for many herbal concoctions. He might be able to provide remedies for you and help when you are hurt.


      KaDan is a male Dracoid and the high priest of Belial. He will only aid you if his holy symbol is returned to him. KaDan waits within the Dracoid cemetery for his remains to be recovered from the ruins so that they can be properly buried. He is an unclear character.


      Jagen is a male Dracoid and the undead spirit of the caretaker of Tsar' Ille. He is a minor character that might be of slight importance.


      Kara is the barmaid at the village cantina. She is a friendly and attractive Huline as well as being a fountain of village gossip. Her information might be of use.