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Lands of Lore 3 Characters



     You are Copper LeGré, the Dracoid half-breed. Due to an unfortunate accident, you are the heir apparent to the kingdom of Gladstone. After years of living the life of an outcast, Copper is a somewhat bitter and unhappy boy. Still, he strives for happiness, and acceptance among his people. A long and exciting adventure awaits you of saving your soul and saving your kingdom.



     These are the spiny, ridged warriors of Ruloi society; these creatures are larger, sleeker versions of the drones. Capable of close range fighting, their weakness only becomes apparent after battling with them for longer amounts of time.



     The ancient, seductive power of this Dragon Lord cannot be denied. Living in the heart of an active volcano for thousands of years, Morphera spends her time mourning her lost love, and perusing her treasure. Any intruder is unwelcome, especially humans. An altercation with this powerful creature might be avoided but her weaknesses must be discovered.



     The evil and sensual sister of Chesara, Master of the Iron Ring, Jacinda rules the White Tower with a black, leather clad fist. She walks with sensual confidence in her spiked heels, and is quick and deadly. She can only be defeated by a smart warrior; will you have what it takes?



     Although probably not the last man, he is one of the last known pure-strain humans left in the Shattered Desert. He is a rugged survivor, and walks with slow, cautious confidence. He might be able to aid you on your quest.



     He is the lord of the Underworld, and keeper of the Shard. His black demeanor and evil presence will be sure to discourage any strangers from coming near. You must use both intelligence and power to defeat this monster.