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 • Detention Camp
 • None known at this time.
 • Tunnel Network


Allegiance: USA
Cost: Unknown
Description: Modeled after Camp X-Ray in Guantánamo Bay, these sunny vacation spots are used to detain enemy troops and show them the error of their ways. In Generals, you'll actually be able to capture infantry and pilots who've been overwhelmed in combat. While EA Pacific isn't discussing the particulars of how you'll capture enemies, we do know that once your forces capture someone, a POW truck will emerge from the detention camp, pick up the prisoner, and bring him back to this facility. While interned at the camp, these soldiers will be subject to demoralizing propaganda, and their demoralization will somehow "feed" a special weapon that you can use to demoralize other enemy soldiers on the battlefield. These soldiers will then move slower and fire slower than normal. The Chinese have an ability that has an opposite effect--it makes soldiers move and fire faster. But the US demoralizing weapon negates this effect. If the detention camp is destroyed, however, any detained prisoners will revert to their original owners and havoc will generally ensue.