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CNC: Generals is set 20 years in the future, and it involves an escalating situation between China, the United States, and an increasingly hostile terrorist organization called the Global Liberation Army [GLA], which has its roots in Central Asia. You'll have three campaigns to choose from in the game.


Details: The US is brought into the war when the GLA decides to launch it's biochemical warheads at the mainland. Using its network of antiballistic satellites, the US actually manages to intercept the incoming missile, but the toxic fallout contaminates the majority of the world. The US is forced to deal with the GLA situation, which it has largely ignored up until this point, and throughout the missions in this last campaign, you and your US forces will engage the GLA in a series of Desert Storm- and Enduring Freedom-style operations.


Details: The terrorists [GLA] are not too happy about being kicked out of what they feel is their homeland, so as the GLA, your objective will be to exact a little revenge. These guys will obviously be a little pissed, but they've got cells all over the world that they'll be activating. They're also working on a really nasty sort of biochemical warhead that they start testing out in various countries, including China. Naturally, this captures the attention of the rest of the world, which quickly denounces the GLA. In response, the GLA sets off one of its biochemical warheads in Europe and launches another one at the United States.


Details: The new Chinese government is establishing itself as a political, militaristic, and economic force to be reckoned with in the world. But standing in the way of China's superpower status are frequent and distracting scuffles with numerous terrorist cells that are cropping up within China's borders at an alarming rate. What's more, every time China's military snuffs out one of these cells, two more pop up elsewhere. Even more alarming is that these terrorists--or the Global Liberation Army, rather--somehow have access to Chinese tanks, planes, and other weapons, which makes dealing with them particularly difficult for the Chinese. The government doesn't know who's funding these cells, but it's become clear that if China wants to become the dominant player in the world market, the GLA has to be completely pushed out of the country.