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Game Features


• Ten missions per side for a total of 30 game missions.
• Air to air combat now possible. First C&C game to feature this.
• Fully 3D including terrain and units. The interface will be in 2D.
• In-game 3D camera that can zoom and rotate. WarCraft 3 doesnt have this option. ;)
• Units will be able to attain four levels of veteran status.
• Missions that take place during different times of day will also be a feature in Generals, thanks to dynamic lighting that casts realistic shadows and impressive reflections on most objects.
• CNC: Generals will have a bottom interface bar [in-game], doing away with the vertical bar that has been on all previous CNC games. You can also play without the vertical bar, giving you full screen viewing. This will give users more in-game options.
• New game engine [Sage] developed by EA, same engine used for C&C: Renegade.
• Play with one of three sides and in three separate campaigns. China, the Global Liberation Army (GLA), and finally the US (United States).
• A game editor and map maker will be released for the game a few months before the game ships which will allow mod and map makers to get an early start on projects for the community.
• New universe not related to previous C&C games.


• A cooperative mode with actual scripted missions will also be included in Generals.
• Stricter measures to prevent online cheating, the ability to record matches, and an amateur ladder that newbies will be able to compete in and eventually graduate and go to a higher ladder.
• For online multiplayer, the game will include a built-in buddy list like AOL's Instant Messenger, and numerous filters to make it easier to compete only in types of matches that you feel comfortable with.