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    TerransIt is more than fifteen Billion years in the future of the Universe. As the people of the Sol system first discovered the mysterious yet precious Star Gates the knowledge of an intergalactic network was first acknowledged. The Scientist-Monks of the Jenquai had attempted to keep their discovery of the Star Gate secret; fearing the power of the gateway to the universe would be misused by the other two dominant factions. But the Terrans, the star-spanning corporation moguls were able infiltrate everything through their insidious spies. Seeking to prevent a Jenquai monopoly of the discovery, the Terrans forged an unsound Alliance with the Progen; the highly militaristic and aggressive clone culture.
    The epic Gate-War began, and again humankind could not flourish together in unity. With the inventions of horrific weapons and technology of mass destruction the human raceJenquai almost eradicated itself.
    One hundred years passed and a fragile Cold War persists between the three human factions. Each division controls their own sphere of human influence and the three are now connected by the Star Gates that first caused the terrible seperation. The Peace is maintained only through tenuous treaties and neutral citizens. The extinction of human kind almost finally came but now the large Universe lays in the future of humans. Countless discoveries and unexplored territories lay in the fate of our souls.