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By Apocalypse

What , if any, changes were made to the Allies/Soviets units and structures to balance them with the new Yuri side?
[Delphi] The team made some minor tweaks and changes to accommodate the addition of Yuri, but nothing too drastic.
What is your favorite side to play as in multiplay and what is your favorite campaign/mission in YR?
[Delphi] Ooh, tough one... Well, my first choice will always be the Soviets for multiplay, especially now with the SC (Siege Chopper) and BB (Battle Bunker). Yuri would be my next choice. All his PSI technology is a blast to play with.

As for the campaigns......
The last mission (Brain Dead) on the Allied side, I just can't get enough of the end cinematic.
What is you favorite unit and structure for the Allies, Soviets, and Yuri side?
[Delphi] Soviets: The Terror Drone, of course. There is nothing more hysterical then watching an Allied opponent start charging you with a group of vehicles and then watching him flee when he sees inbound terror drones.

Allies: The Navy SEAL, I love parking a few of these guys off shore and waiting for my opponent to build his Naval yard.

Yuri: The Brute! GI's may slaughter him, but he's the only guy that can really go head to head with an APOC tank (by himself).
Will a soundtrack be released for Yuri's Revenge?
[Delphi] I don't see why not, maybe we'll do a web only release.
After the release of Yuri's Revenge will we see a steady release of official map packs as was done after the release of Red Alert 2?
[Delphi] Yes, we plan to do both fan map packs and official map packs.
Have any changes been made to the modified TS engine for Yuri's Revenge?
[Delphi] Umm you mean the RA2 engine. =) The team made the usual tweaks to make the game play better.
After Yuri's Revenge is released, what will you be doing? Are you going to be working as community manager for another Westwood game, or will you continue to only be the manager for RA2?
[Delphi] I will be working on Yuri's/RA2 for the next 6-8 months. As for future products, we'll see where I end up. =)
When you first started out as community manager before RA2 was released, did you expect the community to get so big and the game to become so popular?
[Delphi] Hmm, we expected the community to grow, but not to the size it is today. Without the community and fans RA2 would not be one of the best RTS games out on the market.

Harvard Bonin (RA2's producer) and myself watch everything that happens in the RA2 world. We both love the game very much and would like to see the community grow even larger.
Are you happy with the RA2 community as it stands now? Is there anything you would like to see change or happen within it?
[Delphi] I'm very happy with the way things are. We have over 50 dedicated sites full of rich and unique content. Each one offers readers a new experience with each page.

I would love to see the map sites join forces and create one unique network dedicated to supplying new missions, multiplayer maps, and mods. The site could be broken down into multiple areas controlled by various webmasters. With a little push, I'm sure WW would officially endorse/sponsor a site of this magnitude.
Were do you see the Red Alert franchise going? Command and Conquer made the jump to first person shooter with Renegade, and Dune made the jump to 3d. Do you think that RA2 is the last of Westwood's 2d RTS games? And what is your opinion of 3d and 2d RTS games? Which do you prefer?
[Delphi] We will continue to push genre and ourselves. There are so many ideas that have yet to be introduced and tried in the RTS realm. Our next C&C RTS game will be very fresh and exciting for both the fans and the game industry.

I'm more of a fast paced RTS guy, so I'd love to see RA2 with the Emperor Engine.
Previously, we had heard Westwood say that they were going to make the Red Alert and Command and Conquer series separate franchises. Is that still the case? If so, why the "Command and Conquer" before the Yuri's Revenge title?
[Delphi] Yes that is still the case, for Yuri's it was a marketing branding decision. Yuri's is still very much part of the Red Alert 2 universe.
Any final comments you would like to make?
[Delphi] Keep up the great work!