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War Story


By Jim

An island in time and space, unassailable by anyone. The training center of Chrono Legionnaires. Holding in their posession the ultimate weapon, the Chronosphere. The strongest force on the planet. Save one.

   "We cannot promise survival. But we can promise one thing. You will end your services knowing that you have changed history."
   The graduating class cheered as High General Venora Sigul walked off the stage, and strode down the halls to her command center. She could have chronoported, but she felt a walk helped her to organize her thoughts.
   As she walked, she thought back to the Legion's first major accomplishment-the invasion of Moscow. Allied Commanders had wondered why the Kremlin lacked such things as power, or even the omnipresent Tesla Coils that were the hallmark of the Red Army. Little did they know that the Chrono Legion softened up the communist fortress the second the Chronosphere was active. High Command had debated whether to erase Romanov, but changing that history might have stopped the creation of the Legion. All of a sudden, interrupting Venora's reverie, the warning klaxons blared, and the voice of the central computer spoke in its soothing monotone.
   "All commanders are to immediately report to Central Command. All commanders report. All other soldiers report to battle stations. This is not a drill."
   Venora's chronoportation system immediateley kicked in, and she found herself in the command center, noticing, as she always did, the wall-mounted monitering stations, keeping track of every place the Legion was currently deployed. Taking in the data, she noticed one very bad similarity. Most were not responding. As the Army liason arrived, Venora immediately adressed him.
   "Gregor, what in god's name is happening out there? We've lost contact with Ural, Egypt, Alaska... Damn it, I need information!"
   "Ma'am, the Army reports loss of contact with those areas as well. Espionage Command reports that their spysats have been co-opted by some unknown force."
   One of the younger commanders muttered what they all were thinking.
   "Just like the invasion..."
   Over the next few hours, reports flooded in.
   "Moscow division reports uprising of Red Army!"
   "Espionage command is showing civilian uprising in New Chicago!"
   "Strange structures are popping up where contact was lost!"
   One particular spysat photo, salvaged before the network was completely destroyed, showed the people of Chrono Command the awful truth. They saw one of the strange structures, shockingly familiar to those who saw action in the first war. The rotating prongs, the bizarre glowing power source... It all added up to one dreadful conclusion. The Psychic Beacons were back, and with them came their designer.
   As if to seal the surrealism, a report finally came in from Egypt command, in a manner of speaking. One of the commanders there, Anwar Kiyleth, chronoported into the command center. After about ten minutes, he fully materialized. Venora spoke to him.
   "Kiyleth, what is going on out there?"
   The only response she got from his blank, unseeing eyes was his lifting neutron rifle. She felt the strange tingle of the chrono field taking effect...
   Somewhere, Yuri the First gave a twisted smile.

   High General Anwar Kiyleth walked down the halls, thinking to himself. "A good class, a good class." His thoughts strayed to the history of Chrono Command, when the klaxons rang out, interrupting his reverie...